Buying With The Loverin Team

Q. Where do we start looking for our Ruidoso/Alto property?
A. With a quick call to The Loverin Team. We know the right questions to ask regarding your plans, interests, and price range. Your preferences are our guide.

Q. Are we good listeners?
A. Yes we are!...and once we define your needs and wants we should be able to show you Ruidoso/Alto properties that fit your needs in a day or two. It is our pleasure to show off our beautiful mountain community. We are totally focused on making sure that you find the perfect property.

Q. Can we get started before arriving in Ruidoso?
A. Yes! This site should be helpful, and please call us right away. Our first conversation will answer lots of questions and it will be a pleasure to “meet you” via phone.

Q. How does our experience help you?
A. Our 50 years of combined experience enables us to assist you in finding your Ruidoso or Alto dream home at the best price. We know real estate values better than anyone because we have lived here over 25 years and been involved in more home sales than anyone else.

Q. Can we arrange financing?
A. In good times and challenging times you’ll find that we know many reliable mortgage brokers, who are knowledgeable and will have your best interests at heart.

Q. How do you reach us?
A. Call: 575-258-5008 or Email: