Selling With The Loverin Team

Q. What’s the first step?
A. Give us a quick call…we’ll discuss your property and make plans to view it. Anything you want to tell us initially is always welcomed. After viewing we’ll give you a call with a market opinion and information about pricing, showing, marketing, etc. Remember nothing is written in stone at this point. We’re just discussing options and providing you with our professional opinion based on knowledge of current market conditions and other important variables in our community.

Q. Is it a good idea to list my house with the agent that gives me the highest listing price?
A. Probably not. Price is so important…too low and you won’t receive the best price possible; too high and your house may stay on the market longer than is advantageous causing it to get “stale”. What does that mean? It means that when agents show it and the comments from buyers are consistently “The price is too high.” agents will stop showing. Houses must have showings to sell. Pricing is our forte. Our real estate experience is invaluable here. We’ll tell you the truth… and we feel it is our duty to get you every penny we can.

Q. What do I get when I list with The Loverin Team?
A. The most extensive marketing program around that is thoughtfully targeted to buyers. Our marketing program is so strong that many Ruidoso agents have used it as a model to develop their own…we still do it better! You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your property has the very best representation.

In addition you get our entire professional team and systems developed and finely tuned over the years to provide the ultimate in service and the best chance of a successful sale for your property. Please take a minute to look at the talented professionals with The Loverin Team…just click on Meet the Team.